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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:56 pm

These are the main rules

Respect all L2Last Exile Staff.
All players before loging to servers must be logged first to mIRC.
No bug exploiting (Buff stacking, sniping, etc. ).
Do not impersonate staff.
Do not use modification or third party scripts/programs.
No hateful, nazi comments or racial slurs.
Do not spam chat.
Do not ask to become a GM.
Do not beg for adena or items.
Selling items to other players by real money not allowed on our server, players that will try to sell or buy items by real money will be banned without prior warning.
Do not hit NPCs.

Account Rules

L2 Walker isn't allowed and if caught using it you will be banned immediately.
Sharing accounts is allowed but you are responsible for giving out your
information. Give your information out at your own risk.
GMs do not restore lost or dropped items.
Due Wipe or Rollback your characters or any other of your
lost data will not be restored.
Each player allowed to have max 3 accounts.
In case player will be captured with more then 3 accounts
they will be banned without prior warning

Have fun and keep on the rules

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